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Founded in 2019, Page d’Or is a publishing imprint dedicated to historical fiction and nonfiction. 

Our debut publication, The Burning Zone, a thriller set in eighteenth-century Lichfield, England, published in September 2019. It is the first instalment of The Apothecary Greene Trilogy, of which volumes 2 and 3 are to publish in 2020. Author Michael Anson is an artist, academic and sometime Bluesman who lives in Norfolk. 

The Burning Zone

Little knowing that the unearthing of a medieval grave slab will propel him into the realm of waking nightmare, Richard Greene, apothecary, antiquarian and museum-keeper extraordinaire, is the sole witness to a sadistic murder.

Badly injured in the doomed attempt to save the victim of a fire universally believed to be a tragic accident, Greene emerges from lengthy convalescence only to be drawn into the coils of a demented and murderous search for vengeance enacted from beyond the grave and across generations; a pitiless ritual of retribution inflicted upon all who had sat in judgement upon England’s last heretic – the victim a crazed Anabaptist – sentenced to die a hideous death in the last judicial burning to stain English history.

Now, as the century of Enlightenment gathers pace around him, the terrors and obsessions of an earlier, darker time reach out to claim one final victim: the woman at the heart of Greene’s own life.

A final offering to sate the ravening hunger of ‘The Burning Zone’.


While we must be very selective when deciding on publishing ventures, we welcome proposals and enquiries from authors whose work fits our remit. Contact us to provide a brief synopsis of your book with some sample material. We will respond to all enquiries.