The Story of an App Part 15: Week one report

Well, one week into publication. How are we doing?

We began the week by sharing our app with teachers and students who had signed up during our development. We've had 39 installations from eight countries.

We have had some lovely reviews from students trying the app. Here are a few sample quotes from our new favourite people:

I think it could help who really want to improve their preparation for the exam. I like it more because you can continue practising on the train, the bus or everywhere else.
— Serge
It’s good to have this app if you like learning through your phone. Very helpful and well organized. I’d recommend it to everybody.
— Natalia
Highly recommended for anyone who intends to present the First.
— Pablo
I am delighted with the application because of all I’ve had, this is the best ever. It is helping me a lot to improve and recommend it to everyone who will be presented to FCE. It’s great!!!
— Ana
FUNDAMENTAL This application is very useful to practice your FCE testing tool. I bought books with many least 5 times more expensive resources and similar objectives.
— Abraham