The Story of an App Part 7: reviewing the content


To make sure that the FCE Academy app will be better than anything else out there, we have focused on producing high-quality texts that ultimately could be used in the Cambridge exam. Last week, we enlisted the services of an FCE examination expert: a writing examiner for the Cambridge: FCE exam and an experienced oral examiner for Cambridge examinations, and asked them to review our content for:

  • level (are the texts and assessments pitched at exactly the right level for FCE candidates?) 
  • length (are they too long or too short when compared to the typical length of the texts used in the exam?)
  • and language (is the language used in each text correct and appropriate for the FCE exam?).

We were delighted to receive a positive report, generally speaking, and have accepted the reviewer's few, important points on language and certain issues concerning assessment. The editor, Tom, and author, Mike, will now go back over each text with the reviewer's feedback in mind and make the necessary adjustments. This is hard work, given how many bespoke texts we have, but we know how crucial it is to the future success of the app.