The story of an app part 2: Questions and answers


We know that the texts we use for our app are all-important. We want to provide more texts than any of our competitors, and to make them better, in terms of quality and exam appropriateness, than anything else available out there.

We also realise the need to closely replicate the style of the questions used in last year's FCE exams, so that the experience of using the app is realistic, and we need to make sure that all the correct parts of speech are being tested. Above all, we want to make them interesting to read.

Here is one of our first texts, courtesy of author-in-chief, Mike. See what you think...


Part 2 Read the text. Think of the word which best fits each gap. Write the correct word in each gap (1 – 8).

A Brief history of football

1863 is often identified as an important date for football, as that was when the Football Association in England, the sport's first governing body, (1)________ formed.

A search down the centuries reveals (2)________ least 6 different games to which the historical development of football (3)________ be attributed.

An exercise from a Chinese military manual dating (4)________ to the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC gives us the very earliest form of the game, which consisted of kicking a leather ball filled with hair and feathers through an opening of a diameter of about 35cm in width.

Another form of the (5)________, also originating from the Far East, is Japan’s Kemari, which began some 500-600 years later and is still played today. Standing (6)________ a circle, players have to pass the ball to each other and try not to let it touch the ground.

Modern-day football has become the most watched sport in the world and (7)________ of its practitioners are the most famous people on the planet. The simplicity of the game makes it accessible to all and its unparalleled success is sure to continue in the (8)________.  

1. was
2. at
3. can
4. back
5. game
6. in
7. some
8. future