All of our content has been written to closely replicate the Cambridge exam experience and has undergone rigorous expert and peer review. Our authors are experienced English Language teachers whose established Spanish teaching academies are focused on preparing candidates for Cambridge examinations.

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Tom O’Reilly is the publishing director at Prosperity Education and oversees the commissioning, development, design and production of its English language content programme. He has previously held positions at Cambridge University Press specialising in educational and academic content production.

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Michael Macdonald qualified as a teacher in Cambridge and currently lives in Madrid, where he is Director of Studies for Prosperity English, an English-language teaching academy focused on preparing candidates for Cambridge examinations. He is the head of content at Prosperity Education and lead author of the Academy suite of apps.

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Luis Porras Wadley is the owner and director of KSE Academy, an English academy and official Cambridge English Exam Preparation Centre based in Granada. As an English teacher, Luis has been preparing candidates successfully for over 8 years. He is an author, EFL blogger, freelance writer and translator. 

View Luis’ English academy’s website here.

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Laura Broadbent is an educational materials writer currently based in the UK. She previously taught Cambridge exam courses in Spain and has published learning and assessment resources with Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Pearson Education and National Geographic.

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