Chloe (Madrid: FCE Academy for schoolsCongratulations on a really nice, clear and user friendly app! Great to have such short activities for metro journeys etc and FINALLY articles about interesting themes!
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Anonymous (CAE Academy) Perfect! Very useful and helpful
Della (Spain: FCE Academy) Excellent really liked it. I can play for my exam at any time. I just bought the full version :) Congratulations!
Miriam (Spain: FCE Academyperfect It is a very useful application to practice the first part of the exam. You can correct the exercises when you did not complete. In addition it marks the time you've taken to make each test, very good to control your time for the exam.
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Anonymous (GooglePlay: CAE AcademyPerfect! Very useful and helpful
Pablo (Spain: FCE AcademyThere is no better FCE Academy is the best application to prepare the Use of English in the market for mobile devices. It contains numerous examples of each section of the exam and includes the solution to failures. Its design is modern and attractive. Highly recommended for anyone who intends to present the First.
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Caroline (CAE Teacher: CAE Academy) The  texts are well written and coherent. Also crucially for me and my students, they are interesting. 
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