8,000 lives changed for the better, and counting

Last month we proudly announced our 5000th download of FCE Academy. We’ve just had a look at the figures for May and realise we’ve now reached 8000 downloads! This makes us very happy as it means our hard work over the last 12 months is paying off. Add to this our average 5-star reviews on GooglePlay and we’re chuffed to bits. Now we need to get cracking on some more apps …


Sneak preview

Psst, wanna see our new app, CAE Academy?

Here's a sneak preview:

Looks pretty good, we think.

We're testing the app on Android now and we expect to publish in a few weeks - just in time for some last-minute revision for the June CAE examinations.

If you'd like to join our band of testers, fill in this simple form and we'll get in touch.

If you have an Apple device, you can still sign up. The iOS version will be ready soon.


To infinity and beyond!

In preparation for the arrival of CAE Academy, the 2nd app in the Academy series, we have redesigned our website and rebranded ourselves on Facebook and Twitter. Have a look at the new Prosperity Education site, where you'll find information on the apps and the Cambridge exams, as well as free practice tests. And, if you haven't done so already, like our Facebook page and follow our tweets. This is the best way to hear of promotional offers and giveaways ... 

Calling all teachers!


We're working hard on our next app, CAE Academy, and hope to publish it in April.

We're looking for ELT teachers who would like to review the app for us once it is published. You can sign up here.

On the form, you'll see an option to review our texts. If you tick this box, we'll send you some Word documents for your review.

We look forward to working with you... 

Now revealed! The topics for our CAE app

Work on CAE Academy is underway, and we're finally ready to reveal the list of our texts. Our expert reviewer has given her opinion, and now we are editing and getting them ready for inclusion in the app.

If you would like to see some of the texts, why not sign up to our mailing list? We'll be in touch with some samples.

J. K. Rowling
The Marvel Comic Universe
The Giant’s Causeway
Flipped Classroom
The vikings
The Mary Rose
Watching paint dry
David Attenbourgh
The Mandela Effect
The Titanic
Stephen Hawking
Robin Hood
Studio apartments
The Great Outdoors
Polish cuisine
Usain Bolt
Italian football
Top Gear
App for that
Off the grid
Fastest man alive


See an FCE teacher walking through our app - live!


One of the first members of our Partner Programme, Andrew Girardin of the excellent blogs FCE Exam Tips and CAE Exam Tips has been kind enough to record a review of FCE Academy and share it on his YouTube channel. Thanks Andrew :-)

Click here for more info and a special discount on the full version: https://www.fceexamtips.com/articles/fce-academy In this video I review a great new app for Cambridge English: First students.


Lite up your life


FCE Academy is great value, with 1,000 FCE-style questions for less than the price of a textbook. But we know some people like to try before they buy. So we came up with what we think is a great idea: FCE Academy Lite - a sample of our Use of English questions for absolutely nothing. Zilch. Big fat zero.

If a student wants to upgrade, they can (and if their teacher is in our Partner Programme they will probably get a nice discount, and we share the proceeds with the teacher). If not, at least they will have benefited from a few of our tests.

Interested? Head over to Google Play or iTunes to download. And don't forget to leave a review :-)

An Apple a Day


This morning we had one of our regular summit meetings and came to a momentous decision: we will soon be working on the iOS version of our FCE Academy app.

We hope to be in the app store in a month or so. Meanwhile, if you would like to try it for free, please sign up here. We gave lots of teachers and students completely free access to our Android app during development, so why not for Apple users?


Some lovely feedback :-)

We've had some lovely feedback from one of our first student  users, Vanessa:

La app está muy bien. Es sencilla de descargar y los ejercicios son muy prácticos. Yo tengo un móvil muy normal y aun así es muy fácil de usar. A parte suelo ser muy torpe con la tecnología y esta app me ha resultado sencilla de manejar.
Puedes practicar en cualquier momento y no tienes q estar buscando ejercicios por internet con el pc.
Felicidades por esta app tan útil.

Which we think translates as:

The app is great. It is simple to download and the exercises are very practical. I have an average mobile and yet it is very easy to use . Plus I’m not very tech savvy and I still found it easy to use.
You can practise any time and don’t have to use your PC connected to the internet.
Congratulations on such a useful app.

The Story of an App Part 15: Week one report

Well, one week into publication. How are we doing?

We began the week by sharing our app with teachers and students who had signed up during our development. We've had 39 installations from eight countries.

We have had some lovely reviews from students trying the app. Here are a few sample quotes from our new favourite people:

I think it could help who really want to improve their preparation for the exam. I like it more because you can continue practising on the train, the bus or everywhere else.
— Serge
It’s good to have this app if you like learning through your phone. Very helpful and well organized. I’d recommend it to everybody.
— Natalia
Highly recommended for anyone who intends to present the First.
— Pablo
I am delighted with the application because of all I’ve had, this is the best ever. It is helping me a lot to improve and recommend it to everyone who will be presented to FCE. It’s great!!!
— Ana
FUNDAMENTAL This application is very useful to practice your FCE testing tool. I bought books with many least 5 times more expensive resources and similar objectives.
— Abraham

The Story of an App Part 14: We have lift-off!

Here at FCE Academy, we have our very own catch-phrase: To Infinity and Beyond!

OK, we may not have thought of it, but we say it a lot.

On June 25th we said it more than a lot, because we finally published our brand new app, FCE Academy. You can get it right now from Google Play, In fact you definitely should - the more teachers and students get to see it the better.

We are so keen, we are offering it for free to anyone who contacts us to request a code. Absolutely free, no obligations, but we'd love it if you left a review. Preferably with five stars.

Meanwhile, we have to tidy up the garden...