Use of English Parts 1–4

300 B2 First assessments

40 Use of English tests

Repetitive self-assessment

Expert-written content

Cambridge examiner-reviewed

Tested by FCE teachers

Exam-styled texts

Answer keys

Mark schemes

Made in Cambridge

Cambridge B2 First: Use of English practice book

Published in 2018, this edition of sample tests has been written to closely replicate the Cambridge exam experience, and has undergone rigorous expert and peer review. It comprises ten Use of English tests, 40 texts, 300 individual assessments with answer keys, write-in answer sheets and a marking scheme, providing a large bank of high-quality practice material for students preparing for the B2 First.


The content, which comes from the FCE Academy and FCE Academy for schools apps, has been expertly written and reviewed independently by a Cambridge ESOL examiner. Each print-ready test covers:

  • Part 1: Multiple choice cloze

  • Part 2: Open cloze

  • Part 3: Word formation

  • Part 4: Key word transformations